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The Web should be an extension of your physical world, your traditional brick and mortar. Everything you do currently in way of print advertising and sales strategy can be translated to a web virtual business. It's everything you do now but with much more pizzazz and in a 24/7 support environment with much reduced cost to counter parts in the physical world. Expand your capabilities with multi media techniques for a like Television sales strategy without the placement cost. An ad ready to run for an 'interested' customer on demand, not something that will be missed by a half asleep group of non-customers in the middle of the night. And the web signal goes a lot further. World Wide in fact.
Don't limit your customer base a second longer. Your competitors sure aren't ! Click 'Call' and jump start your traditional business with a new millenium engine right now. Let us put the 'e' in your eBiz today!  
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